€150* / socket
Shipping costs included
Test Vytruve
  • Test socket in PETG
  • Hot-adjustable, sandable, like a thermoformed socket
  • Socket guaranteed for 2 months
  • For all socket sizes, all attachment systems (air, distal serrated, smooth, or BOA...)
  • Delivered in 48 hours
Trial socket
All the components to create your prostheses
Order your vbox
  • Choisissez l'équipement parfait pour vous entre le Vbag, dès 1700 €HT idéal pour les déplacements (en centre, chez les patients...).
    Ou la Vbox,  parfaite dans vos locaux, à partir de 9900€ HT
  • Full refund in case of returning the equipment at the end of the one-month trial period
    Satisfied or refunded
  • The color 3D scanner tailored to the needs of orthopedics, accurate to the tenth of a millimeter
  • The Vytruve laptop, 17-inch full HD screen, with integrated software
  • The small scanning equipment, including a Liner Straining Tool, a kit of non-permanent markers, a mattifying spray...
  • Your free 3-hour online training
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